Starting in the northwest corner, the boundary is described in a counter-clockwise direction as: 

1. The northwest corner is in the middle of Shirley’s Bay on the Ottawa River. The border comes on shore just south and west of the dead-end of Hastings Street, and continues in a straight line to the intersection of Carling Avenue and Moodie Drive. 

2. The western boundary runs along Moodie Drive from that intersection south, across the 417, continuing to Robertson Road, where it makes a little jog west on Robertson Road, turning southeast and going behind the backyards of houses on Timberview Way, Priam Way, Florizel Avenue, Forestview Crescent and Forester Crescent until it meets Richmond Road. It continues northeast on Richmond until Moodie and again travels south on Moodie all the way to Brophy Drive. West on Brophy to Eagleson/McCordick Rd. South on McCordick to Century Rd W. West on Century Road West, veering on to Goodstown Road and continuing west in a straight line until it intersects Montague Boundary Road. South on Montague until McKenna Road.

3. The southern boundary runs northeastward from the Montague/McKenna intersection, along McKenna for a while, then along Klondike Road West, and then Klondike Road East to McCordick Road. Then it makes a slight bend and continues straight to the intersection of North Gower Road and Phelan Road West. Follows Phelan West, and then Phelan East, all the way to Rideau Valley Drive North. Turns south on Rideau Valley and runs to Roger Stevens Drive. Follows Roger Stevens until the bridge over the Rideau River.

4. The eastern boundary follows the Rideau River, on the east side of Long Island in Manotick and all the way to the train tracks crossing the river underneath Heron Road at Vincent Massey Park.It follows the O-train rail line between Bayswater Ave. and Preston St., north to the Ottawa River. 

5. The northern boundary is the Ontario-Quebec border in the Ottawa River, westward until it reaches Shirley’s Bay.


All players who do not reside in Ottawa Whisky Jacks player boundary wishing to play Rep baseball require a release from their OBA league if they wish to tryout, practice, play, or be rostered with the Whisky Jacks.

Players do not require releases from non-OBA associations, such as Little League. If you have any questions about releases, determining which OBA association you belong to, or if you require a release, please contact us.

For players wishing to play for Ottawa Whisky Jacks and residing within the NCOBA region, the release form below needs to be signed by the president of the player’s home local.  To play for the Whisky Jacks, a signature from the NCOBA president is not needed, as the release is within NCOBA. 

For any players wishing to play for the Whisky Jacks who do not live in the NCOBA region, please contact us to determine what releases you need.

NCOBA Player Release Policy and Form